What Food, Drinks, and Other Substances Should I Avoid When Trying to Keep My Teeth White? The Spokane Dentist Blog

Many of these things are healthy to consume, while others are not – just make sure you brush and floss afterwards!

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  • Red wine is typically considered healthy for most adults in moderation, but can cause stains on your teeth.
  • Coffee and tea are also mostly healthy – just monitor your intake if you are trying to keep your teeth bright!
  • Blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, and other dark fruit: if it can stain a white shirt, it will probably stain your teeth! It will just stain more slowly, over time.
  • Dark juices, like cranberry juice
  • Dark soda
  • Tobacco products are never a good idea – they are associated with all kinds of cancer, including oral cancer!

One trick to try as you enjoy beverages is to drink them through a straw so they don’t come into direct contact with the front surfaces of your teeth. This will help slow the staining process, keeping your teeth brighter for longer!

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Just make sure to look for that ADA stamp of approval on the back! Brushing after every meal will help to keep your teeth whiter longer.


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