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3 Quick Tips:

1. Start Early

Did you know that you can start helping your child establish healthy oral hygiene habits before their first tooth breaks through? You can start helping your baby brush her gums by laying her on the couch with her head in your lap and gently brushing her gums with a wet washcloth. Eventually, you can transition to a soft toothbrush and water, and as your child gets older add a tiny bit of fluoridated toothpaste. Between the ages of 2 and 10, as your child’s teeth start to become closer together, you should start helping them floss. As their own dexterity improves, you can become more of a “monitor” for the brushing and flossing, making sure they are doing both adequately on their own. If healthy oral habits are started at a young age, they will become the norm!

2. Make It Fun

Do you know a silly toothbrushing song? There are several on YouTube, including this favorite of ours. Or, you and your child could make one up together! Add a little dancing and a special toothbrush, and oral hygiene becomes a fun morning and evening ritual!

3. Stay Consistent

Consistency is key in creating good oral health habits for kids. Children should get help brushing their teeth in the morning after eating, and brushing and flossing before bed each night. The ideal is brushing teeth after every meal (lunch and snacks included) as a best oral health practice.  Over time, it will hopefully become a habit that they will carry into their teen and adult years!

Tool: Children’s Toothbrush

When selecting a toothbrush for your child, you want to double check the size, age recommendation, and look for the American Dental Association (ADA) seal. The bristles should be soft, and the brush should fit comfortably into your child’s mouth. As a child gets older, the size of their toothbrush should change as they grow. A great tool to introduce to young school age children is a good quality electric toothbrush, which can aid in the cleaning process.

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